READING TIME | future gravity

a half-sketched drawing about to fall off the wall, gravity always wins a Swede with airs of grandeur hangs flags of all the countries where he has lived he tells me to pee in the woods and I only see fake plastic trees surrounding his Japanesestyle house many books, lots of mind, lots of karmaContinue reading “READING TIME | future gravity”

READING TIME | tracing yellow

Sometimes I like to be in motion, to be transported, to walk, to listen most of the time to my own steps- but what I like most is to lose myself in the city and into my thoughts. It is a way to be aware of myself in my everyday life. It shows me thatContinue reading “READING TIME | tracing yellow”

READING TIME | affairs of the self

The pursuit of natural knowledge, the investigation of the world – mental and material – in which we live, is not a dull and spiritless affair: rather is it a voyage of adventure of the human mind, a holiday for reckless and imaginative souls – Archibald Hill. We all have a very peculiar and personalContinue reading “READING TIME | affairs of the self”

READING TIME | in conversation with Camilla Eeg-Tvebakk

These words are transcribed from a 49-minute recorded conversation with Camilla Eeg-Tvebakk, in a coffee shop in the city of Oslo on Friday the 2nd of February 2018. This conversation has been edited for use on this website.   […](Starting with Stephen Wright’s notion of usership) C.E-T: Is that concept talking to you somehow? R.G:Continue reading “READING TIME | in conversation with Camilla Eeg-Tvebakk”

READING TIME | letter to ‘Imaginary Leaps into a Decanonized Future’ organizers (OCA)

Dear OCA team, A few days have passed since last time we saw each other; dear Nik, thank you for synchronizing your well-formed vertical laying for hours, so I could surf a tsunami of knowledge from the comfiness of my seat. Dear Katya, thank you, your heated words dried the coldness of the morning rainy-sheetContinue reading “READING TIME | letter to ‘Imaginary Leaps into a Decanonized Future’ organizers (OCA)”

READING TIME | on metahuman-like wanders

A few days ago, my mind was trying to split the worriedness in three – like that’s even possible, – about my loved ones and ‘other’ bodies I care for in places that I’d call home(s); Lima, Bethlehem, and Oslo. Without a real chance to escape, I then involuntarily embarked on a metahuman-like wander, aContinue reading “READING TIME | on metahuman-like wanders”

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE | curating the social: meet me at the empty centre

PRAKSIS’s residency #8 Curating the Social: Meet me at the empty centre has been developed with curator and writer Natasha Marie Llorens and Norsk Kuratorforening (The Norwegian Association of Curators). Eight participants will examine the curator’s role in facilitating social practice in contemporary art, foregrounding the ethical questions of their involvement. Meet and learn about theContinue reading “ARTIST IN RESIDENCE | curating the social: meet me at the empty centre”

KJERRINGØY BIENNALE 2017 | i dette ingenmannslandet

i dette ingenmannslandet (this is no-man’s-land) is a four-day ritualized journey, a repetitive intent in which the artist wanders around Kjerringøy trying to find the ‘right place’, his place in this remote Norwegian countryside. Inspired by Knut Hamsun’s novel Markens Grøde -Growth of the Soil- (1917) and its protagonist Isak, Ghattas stops here and thereContinue reading “KJERRINGØY BIENNALE 2017 | i dette ingenmannslandet”

THE INSTITUTE OF THE UNEXPECTED | something might happen

#1: “Something might happen – Maria Sundby. Friday 26th April, 16:00 – 19:00What if we were to design new ways of interacting and expressing ourselves in public space?   Something might happen is an interactive performance designed by The Institute of the Unexpected’s first guest artist Maria Sundby. The performance invites you to dive intoContinue reading “THE INSTITUTE OF THE UNEXPECTED | something might happen”

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