ECHO-SWING | prelude

Echo-swing | Prelude encompasses the first stage of a two-year artistic research project; a series of talks/gatherings in 2021 and a group of three swing-sculptures in Granavollen public spaces. The swings are preceded by efforts on research, community engagement, community design workshops, and a series of academic events—on the history and influence of women-run volunteerContinue reading “ECHO-SWING | prelude”

READING TIME | here we come and we don´t care mucho

Here we come and we don´t care mucho. It seems to be a good phrase to describe the internal force that drives the society in which we live nowadays; every time I get on the bus, walking the streets or a good song jumps into my ears from my Spotify playlist, I forced myself toContinue reading “READING TIME | here we come and we don´t care mucho”

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