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Creative Coaching

5-week program

[for individuals & organizations]

The School of Creative Self is a coaching program to help you find, train, and
empower your creative potential. It is a process of self-discovery, a creative journey into the unknown.

I will intuitively help you unpack areas of your life that you might not have even considered to be related to creativity. As a result, you’ll gain a richer understanding of yourself as a person.

(En español aquí)

Organizational Astrology for Businesses


[for self-employed & organizations]
We are a Transdisciplinary global consultancy platform for creative solutions and transformative experiences for businesses and self-employed individuals that sits at the intersection of consultancy, astrology, arts, wellbeing, and spirituality to link business transformation with social change.

Holistic and Creative Consultancy


[for organizations]
We are a creative advertising agency that uses creativity to add value to people’s lives through experiences that resonate in contemporary culture. We use the power of art for social good and creating leading strategies and powerful ideas that allow your events and campaigns to become unique, irreplaceable, in control and ahead is our

Artistic & Creative Writing


[for individuals & organizations]
I have 15 years of experience writing project descriptions, cover letters, personal statements, motivation letters, articles, essays, funding applications, project descriptions, creative campaigns, story telling, and research-based papers for the art field.

Tell me what you need, and I’ll write it for you!
Languages: English and Spanish.

Public Art Consultancy


[for individuals, organizations & governmental bodies]
I have 10 years of experience developing collaborative and participatory art projects both in Europe and Latin America. I hold a Master degree in Art and Public Space from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Norway). Some of my clients include European and South American municipalities, culture ministries, grassroots, NGOs, and companies.

Mediation & Diplomacy


[for individuals & organizations]
I hold a Level I Certification in Conflict Resolution, both for interpersonal relationships and work environment challenges.

I’ll help you identify how to effectively address and de-escalate conflicts with your family members, friends, and/or colleagues. Using appropriate emotional intelligence and behavioral politics to solve and avoid future conflicts.

Community Organizing



[for individuals, organizations & social movements]
I have 5 years of experience working as a community organizer. I use emancipatory, democratic, and participatory strategies to help empower under-represented communities. I help create and sustain human collectivities in order to gain rights, win political power, and create positive change.

I’ll help you develop new strategies and to think creative ways to empower your own communities!

*Verdensrommet – a mutual support network for immigrant artists in Norway, that I co-initiated, is a model for new solidarity networks and community organizing. Get to know more about it here.


 English Language for Creatives


[for individuals]
I’m a bilingual professional with 15 years experience working in creative industries. I know how difficult it can be to navigate the art field away from your mother tongue. I’ve created these lessons to help you focus on developing the language, fluency, and communication skills necessary for you to be able to describe projects, pitch ideas, and deliver presentations. In addition, you will learn to organize and express your ideas following instructions for various layouts and tasks using industry-specific vocabulary related to creative arts.


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