Art Practice


NB! This is not a portfolio, not in its entirety, no. This is not an image gallery…This may be a journal, a personal one—a compilation of artistic traces, personal experiences, actions, and gestural archival methods. A practice. This is definitely not documentation, at least not ‘that’ kind, at least not all of it. This is not a snapshot either, rather a collage of visual-‘frozen’ artistic traces and experiences (yet to be re-activated). ​Thus, documentation here means something ‘else’: unfreezing (and reheating) those traces and moments by introducing an event within another (the present time of the event and its process chain as documentation-means in itself)—willing to engage in active conversation with the participants, artist(s), passersby, neighbors, and city-dwellers.

Tal Beery. ‘The Glossary of Institutional Prefixes’ (detail), 2017.

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