NB! This is not a portfolio, not in its entirety, no. This is not an image gallery…This may be a journal, a personal one, or a compilation of artistic processes, personal experiences, actions, and gestural archival methods. A practice. This is definitely not documentation, at least not ‘that’ kind, at least not all of it. This is not a snapshot either, but rather a collage of visual-‘frozen’ artistic traces and experiences (yet to be re-activated). Thus, “documentation” here means something ‘else’: unfreezing (and reheating) those traces and moments by introducing an event within another (the present time of the event and its process chain as mediation means in itself). It’s no more than willing to engage in active and intimate conversation with the participants, artist(s), passersby, neighbors, and city-dwellers.

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Tal Beery. The Glossary of Institutional Prefixes (detail), 2017.

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