READING TIME | Open comments on potato’s revolution aestheSis

How Peru’s potato museum could stave off world food crisis A selection of the thousands of native potato varieties that grow in Peru. Photograph: The International Potato Centre.     Dear Ã…sa Sonjasdotter, I hope these thoughts find you well-rested.   I haven’t had the pleasure to meet you in person but I believe youContinue reading “READING TIME | Open comments on potato’s revolution aestheSis”

(K)HE NOS QUEDA? | reflexión

Publicado: 2021-04-18Rodrigo Ghattas “(K)he nos queda”? Para empezar, quizás una autocrítica sobre nuestro envolvimiento en la participación ciudadana y política del país. Qué hemos hecho más allá de las predeterminadas expectativas del actual sistema hypercapitalista (paga impuestos, haz más plata, auto-explótate, se conchudo, se egoísta, etc.)? Hemos acaso, si quiera, tratado de entrenar nuestro pensamientoContinue reading “(K)HE NOS QUEDA? | reflexión”

CIVIL IMPOTENCE & ART | on Peru’s new political turmoil

written by Rodrigo Ghattas-Pérez I must start this writing by acknowledging, and helplessly admitting a cynical and adventurous blend [for the purpose of this writing] of the political views of five of my must-read authors: Peruvian intellectual, essayist and poet Sebastián Salazar Bondy; Canadian writer and activist AK Thompson; French novelist, pro-revolt, and political activistContinue reading “CIVIL IMPOTENCE & ART | on Peru’s new political turmoil”

READING TIME | here we come and we don´t care mucho

Here we come and we don´t care mucho. It seems to be a good phrase to describe the internal force that drives the society in which we live nowadays; every time I get on the bus, walking the streets or a good song jumps into my ears from my Spotify playlist, I forced myself toContinue reading “READING TIME | here we come and we don´t care mucho”

READING TIME | in conversation with Svein Bjørkås

If I recall correctly, I was sitting in the dining room of the Clarion Hotel The Edge during the second day of the KORO conference Offentlig kunst og byutvikling in Tromsø. I remember I was feeling heavy, I couldn´t manage to revive my body at any point that morning. I put some fish and saladContinue reading “READING TIME | in conversation with Svein Bjørkås”

READING TIME | inaction? thinking the world theoretically

Based on Chantal Mouffe book “Agonistics, Thinking the World Politically”, 2013 Left or right, neo-liberal, liberal, democrat, capitalist, totalitarian, etc.; we seem to carry a bag full of concepts and definitions to refer to the different political and economic models in a society. We spend a lot of time of our lives talking to ourContinue reading “READING TIME | inaction? thinking the world theoretically”

READING TIME | is private space disappearing?

Based on Slavoj Žižek´s book “Event : A Philosophical Journey Through a Concept”, 2014 (…)Then, by direct consequence, my individuality is also disappearing. Thus, if that happens it means that public space will become a private space. The privatization of public space would mark the start of a gargoyle relationship between humans…That is just ourContinue reading “READING TIME | is private space disappearing?”

READING TIME | between the black box and the white cube

Based on Andrew V. Uroskie’s book ”Between the Black Box and the White Cube”, 2014 Introduction – From Medium to SiteThe expanded cinema is an outlet, a vertex of infinite possibilities that allowed the artist to shed the unilateral relationship between what was shown on the screen and the passive experience of the audience. SheddingContinue reading “READING TIME | between the black box and the white cube”

READING TIME | what could be more invisible?

Sometimes I walk through the city, usually in a rather indiscreet and somewhat clumsy way. Sometimes I just walk and my memory stops working. Other days, other days I appreciate that Oslo does not have as many historical monuments as all the ones I can find in Lima, in every single square of the city.Continue reading “READING TIME | what could be more invisible?”

READING TIME | void and volume, from the studio to the social

Back in 2007, ten years have passed and still can´t believe how fast time is, I joined the art academy in Lima, Peru. I was young, only 17 years old, but full of energy, aspirations, and dreams. “This is what I´m going to do for the rest of my life,” I told myself. I couldn’tContinue reading “READING TIME | void and volume, from the studio to the social”

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