The School of Creative Self

  The School of Creative Self Learn More It’s a Coaching Program by artist Rodrigo Ghattas You don’t need to be an artist to unlock your full creative potential! We all have an all-powerful creative force living within us. Find your Creative Self and expand the vision of your world. You are unique!

BISAGRA | Programa de destinos y presagios compartidos

Sesión con Javi Vargas Eclipses/contactos interespecie   ver sesión   ejercicio: conectar animal, humano, constelación y espacio (mapa) a través de historias/mitologías/fábulas sexuales de interconexión humano-animal. Hace poco empecé a interesarme por saber más acerca de los valores éticos y morales que regían la sociedad incaica pre colombina, y en especial alrededor de la sexualidadContinue reading “BISAGRA | Programa de destinos y presagios compartidos”

PRINTED MATTER | AiR Open House & Fanzine Launch

Saturday, October 23rd f.eks. AiR Open House & Fanzine Launch from 1 – 4 pm Akvavitvej 23, 1st Floor, Apartments 8 & 12, 9000 Aalborg f.eks. warmly invites you to f.eks. AIR – a new international artist residency program for contemporary art in Aalborg. The program is organized by the art initiative f.eks. and isContinue reading “PRINTED MATTER | AiR Open House & Fanzine Launch”

‘EL BUEN VIVIR’ | Hvervenbukta

please use arrows for image slider El Buen Vivirâ at Hvervenbukta   by Rodrigo Ghattas & Andrea Fritsvold 12-18 July 2021 Organized by Vibeke Frost Andersen   The title of our one-week biopolitical intervention in Oslo Kommune’s pavilion at Hvervenbukta Beach (in Holmlia neighborhood) is Slutten på velferdsstaten nærmer seg…er vi klare for ‘El BuenContinue reading “‘EL BUEN VIVIR’ | Hvervenbukta”


HISTORY   Verdensrommet was founded in March 2020, being a pandemic-native initiative, to address the precarious conditions of Norway-based visual artists whose citizenship led them to slip through the state’s support net. Later, this was expanded to include all creative professionals of non-EU/EEA backgrounds sharing similar experiences.   For the past one and half years,Continue reading “VERDENSROMMET | history”

CIVIL IMPOTENCE & ART | on Peru’s new political turmoil

written by Rodrigo Ghattas-Pérez I must start this writing by acknowledging, and helplessly admitting a cynical and adventurous blend [for the purpose of this writing] of the political views of five of my must-read authors: Peruvian intellectual, essayist and poet Sebastián Salazar Bondy; Canadian writer and activist AK Thompson; French novelist, pro-revolt, and political activistContinue reading “CIVIL IMPOTENCE & ART | on Peru’s new political turmoil”


“Kunsthall Trondheim, Kulturtanken and Den Kulturelle Skolesekken in Trondheim invite artists to create an art project for children and young people, developed over a specific period of time at Kunsthall Trondheim. The Cultural Schoolbag ensures that children and young people throughout the country get to experience art. Here, visual art is underrepresented and it is importantContinue reading “KUNSTHALL TRONDHEIM | DKS testlab”

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE | curating the social: meet me at the empty centre

PRAKSIS’s residency #8 Curating the Social: Meet me at the empty centre has been developed with curator and writer Natasha Marie Llorens and Norsk Kuratorforening (The Norwegian Association of Curators). Eight participants will examine the curator’s role in facilitating social practice in contemporary art, foregrounding the ethical questions of their involvement. Meet and learn about theContinue reading “ARTIST IN RESIDENCE | curating the social: meet me at the empty centre”

KJERRINGØY BIENNALE 2017 | i dette ingenmannslandet

i dette ingenmannslandet (this is no-man’s-land) is a four-day ritualized journey, a repetitive intent in which the artist wanders around Kjerringøy trying to find the ‘right place’, his place in this remote Norwegian countryside. Inspired by Knut Hamsun’s novel Markens Grøde -Growth of the Soil- (1917) and its protagonist Isak, Ghattas stops here and thereContinue reading “KJERRINGØY BIENNALE 2017 | i dette ingenmannslandet”

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