The School of Creative Self

  The School of Creative Self Learn More It’s a Coaching Program by artist Rodrigo Ghattas You don’t need to be an artist to unlock your full creative potential! We all have an all-powerful creative force living within us. Find your Creative Self and expand the vision of your world. You are unique!

READING + EVENT | On ‘restivism’

On restivism [activism+rest] Restivism is a critical attitude and an ever-evolving practice to effect positive change without compromising our mental and physical health in the process. It is both about self-care and collective care, emphasizing the importance of individual wellbeing as key to sustaining communal organizing and social networks. Restivism is a form of resistanceContinue reading “READING + EVENT | On ‘restivism’”

BISAGRA | Programa de destinos y presagios compartidos

Sesión con Javi Vargas Eclipses/contactos interespecie   ver sesión   ejercicio: conectar animal, humano, constelación y espacio (mapa) a través de historias/mitologías/fábulas sexuales de interconexión humano-animal. Hace poco empecé a interesarme por saber más acerca de los valores éticos y morales que regían la sociedad incaica pre colombina, y en especial alrededor de la sexualidadContinue reading “BISAGRA | Programa de destinos y presagios compartidos”

PRINTED MATTER | AiR Open House & Fanzine Launch

Saturday, October 23rd f.eks. AiR Open House & Fanzine Launch from 1 – 4 pm Akvavitvej 23, 1st Floor, Apartments 8 & 12, 9000 Aalborg f.eks. warmly invites you to f.eks. AIR – a new international artist residency program for contemporary art in Aalborg. The program is organized by the art initiative f.eks. and isContinue reading “PRINTED MATTER | AiR Open House & Fanzine Launch”

READING TIME | Open comments on the potato’s revolution aestheSis

How Peru’s potato museum could stave off world food crisis A selection of the thousands of native potato varieties that grow in Peru. Photograph: The International Potato Centre.     Dear Åsa Sonjasdotter, I hope these thoughts find you well-rested.   I haven’t had the pleasure to meet you in person but I believe youContinue reading “READING TIME | Open comments on the potato’s revolution aestheSis”

‘EL BUEN VIVIR’ | Hvervenbukta

please use arrows for image slider El Buen Vivirâ at Hvervenbukta   by Rodrigo Ghattas & Andrea Fritsvold 12-18 July 2021 Organized by Vibeke Frost Andersen   The title of our one-week biopolitical intervention in Oslo Kommune’s pavilion at Hvervenbukta Beach (in Holmlia neighborhood) is Slutten på velferdsstaten nærmer seg…er vi klare for ‘El BuenContinue reading “‘EL BUEN VIVIR’ | Hvervenbukta”

(K)HE NOS QUEDA? | reflexión

Publicado: 2021-04-18Rodrigo Ghattas “(K)he nos queda”? Para empezar, quizás una autocrí­tica sobre nuestro envolvimiento en la participación ciudadana y polí­tica del paí­s. Qué hemos hecho más allá de las predeterminadas expectativas del actual sistema hypercapitalista (paga impuestos, haz más plata, auto-explótate, se conchudo, se egoísta, etc.)? Hemos acaso, si quiera, tratado de entretener nuestro pensamientoContinue reading “(K)HE NOS QUEDA? | reflexión”

ECHO-SWING | talk series

Gatherings with/by/for Granavollen’s women-run volunteer art network Over the course of 22 gatherings in 2021, a group of six women volunteers, a handful of collaborators, and an artist will gather biweekly to reflect on the core issues of the history and influence of women-run volunteer art networks in rural Norway. We initiate informal discussions onContinue reading “ECHO-SWING | talk series”

ECHO-SWING | prelude

Echo-swing | Prelude encompasses the first stage of a two-year artistic research project; a series of talks/gatherings in 2021 and a group of three swing-sculptures in Granavollen public spaces. The swings are preceded by efforts on research, community engagement, community design workshops, and a series of academic events on the history and influence of women-runContinue reading “ECHO-SWING | prelude”

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