ECHO-SWING | prelude

Echo-swing | Prelude encompasses the first stage of a two-year artistic research project; a series of talks/gatherings in 2021 and a group of three swing-sculptures in Granavollen public spaces. The swings are preceded by efforts on research, community engagement, community design workshops, and a series of academic events on the history and influence of women-run volunteer art networks in rural Norway art scenes. With particular emphasis on volunteer art networks operating at Granavollen, an ancient center at Hadeland and Gran municipality’s millennial place, one-and-a-half-hour drive from the capital city.


Throughout 2021, I’ll be looking closely into the solidarity tactics, outreach strategies, collective care, and social value of these volunteer art networks in rural art ecosystems. The swings will be located in front of stunning natural landscapes, offering a possibility for active contemplation of nature and introspective reflection. Also allowing a kind of swing meditation, an evolving movement in connection with the horizon that creates another dimension of self-introspection, as participants glimpsed views that were usually hidden from sight. The swings serve as devices that echo the passage of time and our collective cycle of life.

Moreover, this initiative works as a preparation for the Frivillighetens år 2022 celebration.

Read more about the Echo-Swing Talk Series here


Rodrigo Ghattas, MFA Degree Exhibition 2018. Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen.

Echo-swing | Prelude is made possible with the kind support from KORO – Kunst i offentlige rom / Public Art Norway and Innlandet fylkeskommune


The project is a collaboration with the Glasslåvens venner and Randsfjordmuseet, Hadeland Folkemuseum.


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