Verdensrommet was founded in March 2020, being a pandemic-native initiative, to address the precarious conditions of Norway-based visual artists whose citizenship led them to slip through the state’s support net. Later, this was expanded to include all creative professionals of non-EU/EEA backgrounds sharing similar experiences.


For the past one and half years, Verdensrommet has addressed immigration, economic, and labor concerns pertaining to more than 180 creative professionals through advocacy, guidance, cooperation, and network-building. Furthermore, we have worked in collaboration with local and international artist unions and organisations that work for bettering the cultural sector like Norske Billedkunstnere (NBK), Unge Kunstneres Samfund (UKS), Balansekunst, Unge Kunstnere og Kunstformidlere (UKK), among others.


Our mission is to establish a sustainable solidarity network between artists and cultural workers from this minority group. By providing assistance in navigating rules and regulations within the bureaucratic systems we aim at demystifying immigration procedures and successfully lobbying for better living and labor conditions. As many live in the country without the security of citizenship, our ultimate goal is to effect change in Norway’s immigration policy for artists, cultural workers, and other self-employed groups in society.


Verdensrommet was co-initiated by artists Rodrigo Ghattas-Peréz (Peru-Palestine) and Gabrielle Paré (Canada), and the first Verdensrommet working group was formed together with artists Anthony Morton (South Africa) and Prerna Bishnoi (India).


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