#6: LET’S GET LOST – Naja Lee Jensen. Friday 06th September, 17:00 – 20:00
For the final workshop of The Institute of the Unexpected, we will explore how to get lost – in thought, in an intention, and in the city. With Rebecca Solnit’s book A Field Guide to Getting Lost (2005) as a starting point we’ll return to the wilderness of the city and let go of Google Maps. Through continuous movement in the body and the mind, we will take the detours least obvious with the one sole purpose of losing ourselves. During this time together, we will develop different strategies of how to get lost in the city of Oslo and recall significant moments where we didn’t know which direction to go. We will ask ourselves if getting lost is a relevant task to occupy oneself with. Naja Lee Jensen is an inter-disciplinary artist. Her artistic work is often driven by a curiosity towards the unknown and experiments in space. She is currently based in Copenhagen and, her recent work is attracted to darkness and nature. To learn more about her practice visit her webpage at

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