#2: “We-Play – Angela Halvorsen Bogo. Sunday 12th May, 12:00 – 15:00
The Institute of the Unexpected is happy to host We-Play in Oslo as the #2 workshop in the series. After events in Amsterdam, Berlin, Ghent, and Copenhagen, We-Play will allow you to experience the city in a new and fresh way.

Through play and mindfulness, we prepare by first connecting to our senses and to each other as we start the process at Interkulturelt Museum. When the group is connected and attentive to the present moment, the journey can begin. You will experience the city, perhaps even public spaces you are familiar with, as a backdrop or theatrical set in which action is already taking place. We will listen to the invitations different public spaces suggest and explore several ways we can respond to them.

What happens when we do this together? What do we sense when we allow everything that is happening in our own emotional and physical selves? What is the effect on the space, on others, on us? Public space in a city has many layers of aliveness. Come feel it. The process ends with tea and a debrief. This event is open to anyone drawn to it.

Angela Halvorsen Bogo’s has a thirty-year artistic career as a storyteller, singer, and clown. As a teenager, she began training with improvisation in the 1970s, learned communication and hospitality in Italy, ran an events creation company in the ’80s and then ran away to circus school. She trained with some of Europe’s finest clown and fool teachers, and then became apprenticed to a master storyteller in Scotland. She embodies and teaches ‘the fool’ which is an archetype of playful surrender to the unknown.

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