Come and celebrate with us the end of the pop-up art project The Institute of the Unexpected with a communal dining and open forum experience at Grønland Torg, Oslo. The event is a collaboration between The Institute of the Unexpected and Kitchen dialogues, an art project by the artist duo Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar de Carmen. We will offer family-friendly food options for free -the menu will be announced soon!- to create a space for socializing and exchange. We believe that mimicking and ‘inserting’ a domestic kitchen in public space could produce a common room for engaged conversations, leaving the door open for revisiting personal paths, stories, anecdotes, rituals, soft gestures, forms of hospitality, ‘improvised’ spaces of socializing, and the practice of engaging in encounters. This communal kitchen experience is an informal and camaraderie-based meeting spot, where spending time together becomes a political gesture—an agonistic dispositive. This is a moment to re-explored and confront together the project-related (and other everyday public life issues) memories, views, and ideas. In depth reflection around the increasingly vanishing culture of communal kitchen is needed, and to challenge the consumption of food surplus in our modern society.

Welcome, all!

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