READING TIME | tracing yellow

Sometimes I like to be in motion, to be transported, to walk, to listen most of the time to my own steps- but what I like most is to lose myself in the city and into my thoughts. It is a way to be aware of myself in my everyday life. It shows me that I’m not numb by the problems, the stress or any negative thoughts that want to take possession of my body and mind. When I walk down the street I see people, I observe them – although surely, they might think I’m a “weirdo” – I like to recognize the different gestures among human beings: The way of walking, the color of the eyes, the different looks, the stature, the body language, etc. Somehow this helps me to recognize myself, my own habits, traditions, my own particular gestures and mainly my attitude upon life. When I don’t use my feet I usually walk on wheels, I take the bus to go from one side of the city to another. Probably looking for something…

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