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A few days ago, my mind was trying to split the worriedness in three – like that’s even possible, – about my loved ones and ‘other’ bodies I care for in places that I’d call home(s); Lima, Bethlehem, and Oslo. Without a real chance to escape, I then involuntarily embarked on a metahuman-like wander, a close encounter with extranormal ideas in a time of intense psychological distress for me. All of it produced in my 8m2 overpriced tiny room in the center of Oslo (it is impressive how many thoughts you can fit in such a small place).


After sparring with my own thoughts around and about the scope of the neoliberal virus that has conquered almost every single aspect of my humanity, I stumbled upon the writing of two like-minded in the field of space; architect Rem Koolhaas and dancer Raja Feather Kelly. With an inherently diverse approach to words, both explore and envision a need to reimagine public spaces and our social relationships. While Koolhaas harvests thoughts on the importance to look at less rationalized public spaces, those away from the metropolis, the neglected countryside, Feather Kelly, on the other hand, boldly puts forward thoughtful questions on mutual care, “What do you need? Who’s got your back? And, What’s next?”.


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