READING TIME | letter to ‘Imaginary Leaps into a Decanonized Future’ organizers (OCA)

Dear OCA team,

A few days have passed since last time we saw each other; dear Nik, thank you for synchronizing your well-formed vertical laying for hours, so I could surf a tsunami of knowledge from the comfiness of my seat. Dear Katya, thank you, your heated words dried the coldness of the morning rainy-sheet that cuddled itself around my body that day. That coldness one feels when your hero becomes super and invades the other world, that filled with immutable silence. Dear Drew, thank you for walking the streets of Madrid with me. Man, I miss that! Perhaps we could go back someday to revisit the boisterous midnight sweat that inhabits the city’s roofless aroma when dawn arrives. Dear Liv, thanks for pausing your dual-steps -those of yours and your partner- for leaving a joke and a smile as a footprint of your fleeting trajectory…

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