READING TIME | inaction? thinking the world theoretically

Based on Chantal Mouffe book Agonistics, Thinking the World Politically, 2013


Left or right, neo-liberal, liberal, democrat, capitalist, totalitarian, etc.; we seem to carry a bag full of concepts and definitions to refer to the different political and economic models in a society. We spend a lot of time of our lives talking to our friends about politics or economics, just for a moment we truly feel we are specialists in the field. Apparently, we do have the answer to the problem, but unfortunately no power to shape those thoughts in a political context of decision making. But, as artists and citizens, we do have the power to intervene in public spaces and in everyday culture. Even so, and I do not want to be pessimistic, as an outcome of that confrontational attempt made by some of us in the arts field, we sometimes forget that even art has succumbed to the ruses of capitalism. No one is safe here…

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