READING TIME | here we come and we don´t care mucho

Here we come and we don´t care mucho. It seems to be a good phrase to describe the internal force that drives the society in which we live nowadays; every time I get on the bus, walking the streets or a good song jumps into my ears from my Spotify playlist, I forced myself to make a pause; A pause to look at everything that moves around me, even when there stands still. Everyone looks as if there is no tomorrow, going forward no matter who or what is in front of or next to us – we are breaking pace, maybe it is time to claim a pause – here we come might be tattooed on our foreheads. We seem to enjoy avoiding, it may be our “thing”; avoiding eye contact, sitting next to someone on the bus, exchanging words, etc. – basically, avoid the Other in one way or another – is it that we don´t care mucho?

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