READING TIME | between the black box and the white cube

Based on Andrew V. Uroskie’s book Between the Black Box and the White Cube, 2014

Introduction – From Medium to Site
The expanded cinema is an outlet, a vertex of infinite possibilities that allowed the artist to shed the unilateral relationship between what was shown on the screen and the passive experience of the audience. Shedding cinema barriers was not an easy task, however, it managed to quickly create spaces where human senses are potentiated with the aim that the audience experience collectively more and more realistic situations.


A cinema that was characterized by a well-defined and traditional parameter. As in every epoch in the history of art, the artist seeks to extend the artistic experience. This mutation and transformation of the experience allowed him to bring afloat new strategies, tools, spaces and ways to engage with his audiences, full of emotions. The task of providing more social spaces became a priority for the artist in the 60s, generating increasingly participatory roles for the viewer.

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