DISCONTINUOS MANY-FESTOS\\from an unrepentant&dissident artist\\to a continuos apathetic field of art

\\space\\rhythms\\habiter\\living has its own grammar\\inhabiting as an art\\modes of dwelling\\place of imagination in the everyday\\referential and the fictional\\interactive elements\\you have misperceived my work until you get to know me\\experiential reality\\alternative to Stalinism\\Guy Debord\\popular culture\\traverses, the interdisciplinary journal of the Centre Pompidou\\Ben Highmore, everyday life and cultural theory intractable matter of the everyday\\mundane social life\\being ordinary\\nomadic displacement\\spheres of repetition\\home and habit\\the decolonization of everyday life\\de-privatized and de-realized\\a embodied space\\decompressed time\\observer’s active participation\\quotidian is approached from within\\open-ended questioning\\festivity, ordinariness, non-accumulation, the generic\\trained attention\\everyday is performative in character\\urban trajectory\\a level of existence\\a paradox and an ambiguity\\the everyday escapes\\sphere of anonymity, undramatic present\\perpetual becoming\\a mobile indeterminacy\\yet-to-come\\encounter\\unimpeachable\\eluding forms or structures\\interaction without spectacle\\the street does not show itself off\\intimate and personal is anonymized\\eventfulness\\empty time\\extraordinary moment\\to be unspecified\\rhythms of existence\\continuous movement\\resistance to form, far from being dominated by sameness\\trivial repetition\\to live authentically\\victims of fate\\experience is regulated by daily rituals\\clones of the collective social being\\modes of production -17th-century\\anti-commodity\\moments of being, (Virginia Woolf)\\the microscopic events\\habitual gestures\\the failure to be present\\everyday explorers\\spice up…marinate the everyday\\a body for my ideas\\mobile field of interactions\\resistance to representation\\do not filter out the tensions\\injecting difference\\dasein: being there\\the particular\\(re)produce ourselves\\un-examined customs\\process of heterogenization\\anti-ready-made responses\\internalization\\everyday knowledge (doxa) (episteme)\\aporia: the clash of incompatible scenarios\\imperfect individual\\ethical matters\\Annie Ernaux’s journal du debors, our real self is not entirely within us\\Charles Taylor’s the source of the self\\scrutinize the particular\\carpet of codes\\transferable reality\\particular forms of attention\\micro-histories\\particular modes of memory\\incidents and coincides\\resistance to systematic thought\\small-scale\\micro-politics\\creative appropriation\\individual freedom\\poetic form\\spatial poetic practice\\transnational performativity\\institutional critique\\intuition\\mental territories\\being as event\\encourage indeterminacy, the idea of satori (zen buddhism)\\visual echoes\\living documents\\contemporary witnesses\\rituals of the petite\\body language encyclopedia\\life is here, this is life\\urban wandering\\pregnant reality\\unforseen situations\\articulating confusion and contradictions\\raw stories\\avoid prescriptiveness\\everyday is a composition, linked to Heidegger\\redistribute storytelling\\a curious practice\\humans are interventionists\\popular imagination\\Merleau-Ponty, to pursue an experience in terms of colour\\avoid pre-judgement\\remain unfinished\\migration of gestures and traditions\\Nicolas Legros\\public forum\\time\\alone-together\\informal way of life\\the goofy\\against radical soft-colonialism\\imagining together\\social choreographies of the body\\relationship between lies and love (Alan Lucien Øyen)\\waking life\\I wonder what will come of placing this generation under house arrest? (Rebecca Solnit)\\convivial practices\\countercultures\\emancipatory modes\\socio-spatial relations\\collective expressions\\spatial citizenship\\gathering of difference\\autogestion\\self-management\\altitudes of thought\\spatial production\\forms of participation\\production of urban space as an aesthetic-esthesis experience\\anti-tokenism\\theatre of state policy\\poetic act\\Situationists\\Fluxus\\transformation of everyday life must also pass through the institutions\\spatial domination\\subversive gesture\\assembly\\the art world and its hypocrisies\\public space as a site of contestation\\DIY culture\\authentic emotional relationships\\why intellectual function is separated from the affective process?\\specialized and vernacular, together\\conductive bodies\\non-traditional spaces\\“Life is much more interesting than art,” Kaprow\\discontinuous events – experiential artistic events rather than single works of art\\nonlinear narratives\\disrupting the political\\presenting your emotional self\\society’s expectations\\performative language\\conditions of life\\legitimation\\dissented art\\performative public debates\\life tactics, a space to present unforeseen associations\\The Mobile Academy\\the public is (not) invited\\outside the norm\\multifaceted perspectives\\secret gatherings\\brokerage, serendipity\\event formats\\fuck the idea that art created outside of Europe is founded only on feeling and not intellect\\dismantle the racist cliché\\linking artistic creativity to the public\\Lee Mingwei’s The Moving Garden (2009)\\reinvent society\\to reclaim yourself\\by discovering our creativity we discover ourselves\\respect the rhythm\\not transformed into servile obedience\\mask of social behaviour\\sensory dialogues\\de-mechanisation\\atrophy of other forms of perception\\artistic physiognomies\\sensible realities\\I will never (be) the same\\permanent state of (not)becoming\\sensory communications\\to think in metaphor\\anti docile mimicry\\relationship etiquettes\\impede the free flow of Reason\\accidental or sporadic\\chance encounter\\poetic interpretation\\space which becomes property\\Noam Chomsky, Arthur Miller, Amy Goodman, and Michael Moore\\inter-relates\\invention of alternatives\\games are metaphors for social life\\democratic counter-power movements\\opressive softness\\sentimental footnotes\\instala-acción\\comunidades de sentido\\comunidades de sentimiento\\carácter popular\\popular-marginal\\resurrección cultural\\contrarrelatos\\etnoconceptual\\obvia difundir\\DIY affective urbanism\\Dorotha Biczel and Elio Martuccelli\\a political claim against social precarity\\open and flexible institutions\\to be regarded neither as Westerns nor as Andeans\\symbolic actions\\culto-pedestre-experimental (Jorge Villacorta on Juan Javier Salazar’s work)\\otras materialidades menos cultas, o menos académicas y menos “nobles”\\contra la convención del arte ‘culto’\\social allegory\\más interesado en la cultura que en la estética\\intervenir los espíritus colectivos, los estados emocionales, las maneras de sentir del entorno y de la sociedad\\desjerarquización del arte hegemónico\\range of artistic intents\\dropout\\dissident practices\\visual forms\\I ‘renounced’ sculpture\\hit authoritarian-dogmatic-paternalistic discourses\\search for authenticity\\unleash your creative potentiality\\relationship reform\\Lee Lozano\\deviant range of gestures and actions\\a desire to work both through and against\\mutual participation\\informal one-on-one\\dematerialization of the work of art\\resists a homogenized culture\\wondrous anarchy\\alternative conditions to the status quo\\a desire to alter the architecture of the social world\\unorthodox love\\social madness\\folktale\\future-oriented\\refusal to conform\\no asimilable por el establishment\\alienación popular\\imaginación radical\\poetic trajectory\\auto-legitimación\\anárquico e informal\\radicalización teórica\\poesía de Vallejo\\espacio de lo irrepresentado\\discreto\\estrategia de comunicación colectiva\\inmediatez clandestina\\permisividad reflexiva\\operaciones visuales\\articulando operaciones críticas\\social ecosystems\\conversation triggers\\visual ASMR\\neural gratification\\intergenerational projects\\social funerals\\artistic-esthesic quality meets the “standards”\\policed by art institutions\\disburden dominant standards\\social cues\\diasporic urgencies\\PoC artists\\Rurban Meetings\\a sensory fellowship\\to break down hierarchical systems\\norm-breaking and meaning creating participants\\bridged across cultures\\creative workshops\\document and preserve an alternative history of the city\\unlock creative potentials\\the institute of behavioral movement\\community radio\\future mobile communication format\\poetivism\\normcritical consciousness\\grassroots\\disobedient knowledge\\everyday self-care\\I do not need to shrink myself for others\\investigate thought patterns\\there is power in sharing and unloading\\embrace imperfections\\reconsider my own normative positionalities\\sociology of emotions\\irrational other\\the power of cultural transmission\\the chain of representation is broken – exclusionary mechanisms\\historically fresh\\challenge existing structures within the cultural sector\\cross-fertilise efforts\\visual summary of life\\a poetic backdrop\\concrete research poetry in performativity\\under-served audiences, la yapa\\suggest different historical readings\\critical resistance\\organised resistance\\when you wake up on the right side of capitalism\\against structural oppression\\to (NOT) support dominant narratives\\safeguard all forms of radical or critical organising\\avoid internalising the dominant discourse\\invisible labour\\what, why, is “fine culture”?\\challenge indisputable forms of exhibition\\commons-oriented thought\\to rethink the future anew\\andes-ground\\erase inflexible institutional structures\\the State is copy editing our life\\reflexive extension\\micro-political insurrections\\social regeneration\\strategies of social self-regulation\\Postcolonial which doesn’t imply an aftermath(…), culture is used as a means to gently exercise political power on certain cultural and social groups\\“To me, Queer had come to define interruptions in or challenges to the authority of cultural normativities” (Erica Moiah James)\\word-imagery\\metaphorical devices\\connecting the personal to the cultural\\the poetic representation of lives is never just an end in itself\\able-bodied and able-minded\\relationship maintenance\\discreet practice\\a multivocal work\\perspectives interact visually\\inspire reflection on the perverse inequalities of the present\\an invitation to a possible event\\the body becomes a discursive instrument\\alternative modes for political imagination\\counterhegemonic reflection\\maintain the interpersonal ties\\don’t starve the senses\\producto urbano\\Lumpemproletariado\\lenguaje callejero\\neobarroso\\parodiar la economí­a burguesa\\resistencia cultural\\crear peligrosamente\\intervenciones informales y anáquicas\\autoconstrucción\\redes de comunicación poética alternativas\\no razzmatazz\\a growing sense of doubt\\insurrection backbeat\\life practices of self-care\\intellectual fortitude\\enacting practices of freedom\\cynical self-performance\\poetic invocation\\do not manipulate our togetherness\\social and artistic intervenor\\proximity without recourse to relationality?\\spatiotemporal revaluation\\a poethical thinking\\haptic encounters\\tactile proximity\\renovation of the aesthetic\\the erotics of self-encounter\\radical subjectivity\\non-normative bodies\\counter-reading of history\\performative disobedience\\a people-lly acclaimed artist\\circuito autónomo\\Micromuseo Al fondo hay sitio\\arte público achorado\\ multilocal\\don’t wait-weight of history to validates you\\I don’t need the institutional apparatus to give me a “blessing”\\erotic solidarity (Franco Berardi)\\social movements\\anti-profit\\preservation through usage and sharing\\the archive is a public space\\Interference Archive\\promote different living arrangements\\open source\\preserve local history\\recirculation and repurposing\\esoteric cultural theory?\\cultural artifacts\\compositional echo\\social contradictions\\resistance radio\\Mariátegui, Gramsci, Brecht, and Marx\\making slow art in a fast-paced world

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