MACHAQMARA | Civic Art House

We are working hard to ensure that Peruvian artists continue to thrive and work in the aftermath of a world’s pandemic that has placed us all at a crossroad. Machaqmara Civic Art House proposes the first social housing project for artists in the country, located in Punta Negra district in Lima.

Artists, like everyone else, need a place to live, a place to work, and an income to live off. They need equal access to the very essential conditions for art production and sustainable livelihood. These artist’s basic rights and needs have been largely ignored by the state and the same artistic ecosystems that have said to support them. Therefore, our goal is to secure better living-working spaces for artists, to facilitate civic engagement with other groups in society, and to life-affirming connectedness.

The house is expected to open in 2024, more information coming soon. In the meantime, please visit our temporary site.

*image: a preliminary 3D proposal by Peruvian architect Ursula Eyzaguirre Kouri

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