KJERRINGØY BIENNALE 2017 | i dette ingenmannslandet

“i dette ingenmannslandet” (“this no-man’s-land”) is a four-day ritualized journey, a repetitive intent in which the artist wanders around Kjerringøy trying to find the “right place”, his place in this remote Norwegian countryside. Based on Knut Hamsun’s novel “Markens Grøde” (“Growth of the Soil”) (1917) and its protagonist Isak, Ghattas stops here and there to dig as a poetic action that expresses “back-to-nature” and the search for belonging, from Oslo to rural Norway. Facing nature’s volatility, the limitations of his own body and the impossibility to “own nature”, he digs along Kvalvika’s shore until he finds himself a temporary place to stay and develop part of his work of art.

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